Felicity Flashback

“…The truth is, I can’t be with you like this. I know I said that I could, but I just can’t compromise myself like that. I mean, I’m an emotional person. I feel things, and I need to be able to get upset and talk about how I’m feeling. That’s who I am, and I can’t change it, and I don’t want to. And the thing is, you knew that. You knew it, and you still pursued me. Because you want something with me. You just aren’t strong enough to have it, which in a way makes you a coward. And the saddest part is that one day, you’re gonna wake up and you’re gonna realize what you missed and it’s gonna be too late…”

As true to life as it was back in the fall of 1999.


Jenny, Jenny

JennieMy family has decided to rent out their current office and move to a bigger space – unfortunately that means I have to relocate some of my stuff. Thankfully, 3 years ago I removed most of my belongings from my New York apartment but this girl is still there since I really have no place to put her.  She once belonged to Charles James and then to an old lady in Chicago then I bought her…She isn’t as good looking as the one in this photo but I still love her!

Here is some background info on her: In 1951 James began by working with the Cavanaugh Form Company, a mannequin manufacturer, to produce his uniquely proportioned, papier-mâché dress form that he called Jenny. The “Jenny” was named after after his client + muse, actress Jennifer Jones.